Crossing-Over :: Page 185 (Ch 7)

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Page 185 (Ch 7) in Deception, A Gift -Part II-
3rd Aug 2019, 12:14 PM
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Page 185 (Ch 7)
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Author Notes:
3rd Aug 2019, 12:14 PM

Chapter 7 - Page 185

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3rd Aug 2019, 8:54 PM

For being new on the scene Cliff sure is attracting the Council of Diverse Dooms ire right quick.

4th Aug 2019, 3:06 AM

As short-lived as most MASCOT careers are, yes Cliff is relatively new on the beat. These guys aren't your regular hood-wearing baddies though. Things don't just happen for no reason at all. It's also a good time to note that this is the end of the chapter (7) and so the cover of the next one will be the following update and then another waiting period will take place until the next chapter (8) is ready to start being uploaded!

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