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Clifford T. Genus "Cliff"

Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Ferret

Occupation: Middle-school Graduate

"This world is full of secrets. Some of which I wish to still be ignorant of."

The main character. Conservative and mindful to a point. He could get straight As if he put in more effort.


Deborah T. Genus "Debbie"

Gender: Female
Age: 44
Species: Ferret

Occupation: Grocery Manager

"Keeping children safe should be what good parents prioritize."

The main character's single mom. Slightly overbearing and tired often. No interest in remarrying either.


Sandra D. Genus "Sandy"

Gender: Female
Age: 10
Species: Ferret

Occupation: Elementary-school Student

"Why are grown-ups always so serious?"

Cliff's little sister. Can be mischievous at times but there's something else about her that makes her brother raise his eyebrows.


Amber T. Genus

Gender: Female
Age: 21
Species: Ferret

Occupation: M.A.S.C.O.T.

"With me on the job, it's a money-back guarantee!"

An older sister who had passed before he was born. She is back for some reason... Her past is a mystery and there is more to her than meets the eye.


Michael Genus "Mike"

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Species: Ferret

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer

"This empire that I have built over the years will need a successor someday."

Amber's father who used to be married to Ms. Genus. He is mysterious and has some business sense. Yet seems a tad obsessive every now and then.




Lucas J. Shelston

Gender: Male
Age: 13
Species: Owl

Occupation: Middle-school Graduate

"Alright, I'll do your assigments...Just stop bugging me!"

A studious bird with high class marks. He does homework for the gang in exchange for favors, and it gives him a reason to step out of the house.


Cerah A. Williams

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Species: Calico

Occupation: Middle-school Graduate

"You seem upset LOL. You mad bro?"

The eccentric cat girl of the bunch who spends a little too much time goofing off. She enjoys wasting time on the computer.


Butchman O. Kimball "Butch"

Gender: Male
Age: 15
Species: Doberman/German-Shepard Mix

Occupation: Middle-school Graduate

"Nothin' in dis world is too good fo' me or mah homies."

A gangster delinquent who's too young for his elder brother's gang. He started off as a rival with Cliff but has since became buddies.




Ingrid W. Florence

Gender: Female
Age: 38
Species: Polar Bear

Occupation: H. R./Counselor

"I would like my thesis to be about you. How does that make you feel?"

A mature woman who wears a fair share of hats at work and was handpicked by Michael himself. Her knowledge and work ethic mask her more playful nature.


Lone Gear

Gender: Male
Age: 24?
Species: Grey Wolf

Occupation: Tourist, technically a Rogue

"I came from a faraway land to search for something of importance."

A foppish foreigner who goes by the name 'Copper' out of costume. He is skilled with chakrams and a staff that utilizes Neo-Luddish technology rumored to have anti-magical properties.