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Paradox-F - Writer/Creator

RocherKnight - Artist

Khuletkui - Code Master


About the Comic


Crossing-Over takes place in a relatively diverse anthropomorphic world where the government is run by corporations in the city where the main character lives. A young teen, Clifford, starts his adventure by looking for his father after suspecting his single mother's silence for so long. Along the way, he will face many odds such as magic, technology and other forces to test his wits and physical ability. It's a coming-of-age tale where he learns how this world works, his family history, what it means to inherit power and grow up into a responsible adult.



(Updated 1/2017)

I. What exactly is a webcomic?

It's a comic book that you read on the web with your browser! Sometimes, clicking with a mouse is easier than flipping through pages.


II. How often do you update?

Normally, we try to update weekly but there will be times when it drops back to once or twice a month. That's how teams collaborate.


III. Why furry?

Because humans are frankly everywhere. I also enjoyed shows such as Looney Tunes and Disney while growing up. I think anthro is a cool artistic style that deserves more content. Plus, it makes my webcomic stand out more.


IV. What did you major in at school?

Accounting and then an MBA. I often fancied business as a child when not gaming and other nerdy activities. I also like to read comics, duh!


V. Do you do cameos?

Occassionally yes, but they're mostly going to be random and subtle. No, you can't make suggestions to me.


VI. What's the premise of 'Crossing-Over'?

It's an action-adventure starring Cliff Genus, an atypical kid who dreams of someday making it big in life but gets caught up in big and dangerous stuff. The webcomic mainly invokes superhero-ish cliches but twists are added from other genres to keep things fresh.


VII: How do I show you my fanart?

You may email/PM it as a file or link. There's a fanart section that I display other's works in!


VIII: Can I adapt your work?

Sure. You may edit, translate, or share any of my work that's free on this site. You can use my characters for cameos or make inspired spin-offs for fun too. The works that are for sale though, please buy them. Support the Patreon too!


IX: Does the Main Character turn into a woman?

Yes, he does. It's a particular trope known as Gender Bender. It's one of the goodies I put in to mix things up.