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Hallo in Fillers
16th May 2023, 2:33 AM
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Author Notes:
16th May 2023, 2:33 AM

Hey guys!
In case anybody's curious, I've been busy with other life aspects since comics have been sidelined on my queue.
Unexciting grown-up related things which aren't worth getting details into.
Anyway, I've picked up V-tubing for fun. It's just mostly streaming video games casually.
This pic was drawn by @marbuccino & it's a stylized version of my avatar.
Not going to share links for good reasons, so kindly refrain from asking. Thank you.

I've already printed out my comic's story (and backed up the files) long ago so it will be around in some form, in case this host site goes down. Despite me butting heads previously with ComicFury's community one-too-many times on "hot button issues", I maintain respect to the administration for keeping my content up which is totally unrelated to ideological views and such. It takes maturity to parse abstract concepts such as not needing to 'like' something in order to respect it.

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